This is another fucking diary

First of all this will be a visual diary, then maybe a little of bullshit on my part.

According to common sense I should introduce myself and tell you why I am doing this.

I prefer to tell you first why I am doing this, I studied photography, visual arts and contemporary art, and now has an adult I am not doing any of those things, which I love.

This, I hope, will make me put my shit together.

Today I am not in the mood to tell you my life story, so there is no bonding time or empathy, and maybe no good reason for you to follow me.

But I am so sorry, this is not for you, this is a platform where you can be the voyeur.

I am now creating a project about identity, I will just post some

pictures, then I will post the whole project, in the meanwhile I will talk about what move me to make it.

Bye you beautiful stranger.DSC_0555 cópia

DSC_0569 cópiaDSC_1052DSC_0970